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Offered the wonderful grained program improvements they produced before this calendar year I (together with in all probability most All people else) wasn't expecting that much more may very well be finished. It is possible to browse in depth details, but highlights provided:

There may be additional to address, the 3PAR things was definitely what I had been most enthusiastic about. I have a number of notes from the other periods but they're going to pale in comparison to this.

Skinny clones are essentially the opportunity to deduplicate VM clones (I picture this would wish hypervisor integration like VAAI) for speedier deployment. So you could probably deploy clones at 5-20x the pace at which you may ahead of.

Now they've got prolonged this in order to snapshot throughout various arrays concurrently and make them software informed (in the case of VMware at first, Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle to comply with).

NetApp continues to be cautiously strolling back anticipations all yr. Which turned out to be a smart transfer, but it seems they didn't go considerably adequate.

There was not something new announced right now needless to say, so none of this information is new, though some of is new to this blog, in any case!

Cost (SpecSFS as an example isn't going to provide this as well as the ensuing statements from the sellers exhibiting substantial effectiveness relative to Many others at a huge cost quality but my latest blog post not disclosing The prices is extremely unfortunate)

So, HP hammered us with a site here good seven to eight several hours of storage relevant things nowadays, the bulk in the morning was dedicated to 3PAR along with the afternoon covered StoreVirtual, StoreOnce, StoreAll, converged management and a few truly specialized bits from HP Labs.

Also I would want to see them guidance, or no less than describe why they won't assistance, the Seagate Organization Turbo SSHD - that's a hybrid travel delivering 32GB of eMLC flash cache in front of what I believe is really an otherwise 10k RPM three hundred-600GB disk with self proclaimed upwards of 3X advancement in random I/O more than 15k disks.

Not a complex silo, but 1 imposed within the merchandise by weblink advertising. Although The explanations behind it are comprehensible it can be unfortunate that HP feels compelled into restricting the solution to appease sure industry observers.

3PAR Precedence Optimization is manufactured obtainable now (initial declared final December) - this is basically fine grained QoS for IOPS and throughput, a thing that is going to be a welcome improvement to Individuals managing true multi tenant units.

On the list of bits of info I realized is that the claimed throughput by HP is actually a software package limitation at this time. The hardware is effective at much more and overall performance will increase since the software matures to leverage The brand new capabilities with the Technology five ASIC (code named "Harrier two").

Announced greater than per month ago now, the 7450 is obviously the intent crafted flash platform which can be, in the meanwhile all SSD.

Definitely a number of cloud providers are already trying to provide grid storage as a substitute, however normally, whilst the expense is often lower, the performance is rather very poor at the same time (relative to an HP 3PAR anyway).

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